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Huge thanks to Kaz Cooper Creative for you excellent service and production of my business logo. It turned out better than I had hoped and that’s rare so thank you.

Kim Harbottle :: Harbottle Landscaping 


“I am so proud to offer a testimonial for this remarkable talent. I am astounded by Kaz’s capabilities. By her aptitude and abilities. But most of all by her attitude.


Kaz is a consummate professional, she understands concepts instantly and measures commercial and design outcomes. She is a thorough joy to spend time with. We worked closely for over a year and I can honestly say there was not a moment I didn’t thank a higher power for her awesomeness. I discovered this very early on in our working relationship when we had a flood in our office taking the entire studio out. At Christmas, a pivotal time of year for our hundred million dollar retail business. She took it all in her stride and worked tirelessly and without complaint from home. Whilst she was pregnant. And whilst managing Type 1 diabetes. I say this only as a testament to her commitment, work ethic, and as an indicator of how much she offers every day over and above expectations. The output at this difficult time never missed a beat. The quality of work Kaz delivered was, as usual, exceptional.


Kaz is truly exceptional at stakeholder management. She excels at hitting challenging timelines. She is patient. She is kind. And she is a whizz at all things design. We utilised a spectrum of marketing vehicles across digital and print for a myriad of purposes including instore POS and tickets, catalogue, press advertising and magazines, social media and video content and even apparel. I can testify that Kaz exhibits a rare mastery of her chosen craft. 


Kaz gives of herself so selflessly and generously, and commits so much in time and effort terms that she will forever hold my admiration. Her approach to work is exactly the same as her approach to life. And she smiles and excels at both. 


She is awe inspiring and I continue to be humbled and learn so much from her. I will continue to use her services and urge anyone who is considering doing the same to do so with 100% confidence and would be happy to discuss this at any time. 

Kieran Gallagher - Head of Marketing Camera House

Kaz Cooper continues to impress me with her creative prowess, over the last 10 years Kaz has designed and successfully launched my many creative projects.

What sets Kaz apart from the rest? Besides her lovely personality, Kaz is a true artist, she delivers contemporary graphic designs and creative layouts with a fresh perspective.

The highest recommendation that I make is regularly referring family and friends to Kaz Cooper Creative for all their graphic design and creative needs.  

Geoff Payne